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Sharing Good Practice: Joining up nature in practice - making ecological coherence a reality

2016 - Wed 15th June - Battleby near Perth.

Where would improving habitats provide most value to people and wildlife? Ecological coherence was the key to finding out at this successful event.

The EcoCo Project led this event and has been applying an 'ecological coherence' concept to identifying and delivering habitat improvement works on sites across central Scotland. The EcoCo approach targets habitat creation in a way that maximises delivery of policy objectives relating to; biodiversity, land use, green infrastructure and climate change and considers habitat connectivity, species dispersal and migration, habitat and species resilience, species diversity and ecosystem function.

Other landscape scale strategic projects have applied different methods and models to target interventions for habitat connectivity and biodiversity improvements. EcoCo is using habitat networks and ecosystem services (Ecoserv-GIS) modelling in its approach to identify the best places to work to provide greatest value for people and wildlife.

Participants learned about the EcoCo project and the background to the meaning of "ecological coherence", engaged with other projects' work through sharing and discussion on approaches that have applied similar strategic thinking to delivering habitat management, and contributed to lively discussion on different approaches to landscape-scale conservation.

Presentations and case studies

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